The effect of the elements

Terroir and Climate

Clay Calanchi dominate these plains rich in sand and gravel. Ocean breezes generated from the nearby coast send cool summer nights and insulate against harsh winters.

Our geography and soil feature ancient sea mud, clay and sandstone.


Our grapes express a variety of influences including rich, dark fruit flavors and a “spicy” minerality.

Torre del Marino is located on a special piece of land, where the hills of the Calanchi act as a balance to the valleys influenced by cool coastal breezes. Here you will find our

57 hectares of natural vineyards and olive trees

These elements, interacting with each other, ensure healthy, well-drained soil that produces wines with character that could only be produced here.

From land to wine

We produce our wines with perseverance and tenacity typical of Romagna, from this unique geography and climate.