Raise the Cresta

Raise the glass. Let's toast to the wine that expresses our land. 

The Creste are the typical hills of our Calanchi. This feature of its wine could only be unique: spicy minerality, intense aromas, body and structure. Creste Bianco, Creste Rosato and Creste Rosso release full, rich aromas, 

going from floral and fruity to spicy. The fresh pleasure of mineral elements and the vigor of a body rich in tannins. Creste engages the senses and goes straight to the heart.


Creste Bianco

Our Land in a pure manner. Fruity notes join freshness in a rich and pleasant wine.


Creste Rosato

Sangiovese shows its delightfulness in a light maceration version


Creste Rosso

A careful vinification is the key to get a lively, typical and well balanced wine

The typical hills of our Calanchi. The three wines that come from here are true expressions of the unique geography.