The flavor of the land

Ambitio vs DeMacte

We did it. We found the flavor of the land.

It seemed impossible, yet courage, perseverance and knowledge allowed us to tame this rough land resulting in wines that reflect intense emotions: Macte and Ambitio are labels carved into our historical piece of Romagna, the noble and elegant “children” of a unique terroir. The juice of our strength.



Ambitio is a bet we won.

Or, that we win every day.
Persistence and hard work seeking excellence.

Our ambition is to put into a bottle the best reflection of our land.

An ambitious label, just like our Tower, that overlooks these hills.

De Macte

Macte means courage in Latin.

It was the motto of the Manfredi family

noble Signori of Faenza from 1300 to 1500.

We can relate to this courage.

It runs in the family, a regenerating tradition, expressing perfectly the tenacity that allows us to create a premium wine from a unique territory.
A noble wine.


Ours is a completely natural project.

Our vineyards are farmed using organic farming methods.