Marino di Romagna

History and Values

Romagna reflects a heritage of natural beauty and goodness.

This is why our business, our products, our “know-how” express a simple and authentic refinement.
Excellence communicates with restraint. Elegance is discrete and welcoming.

And at the centre of it all, a great determination and a deep respect for our natural environment.

Just like our land of relaxing hills, lunar Badlands and sturdy towers.

Family Style

Making Romagna a contemporary taste.
This is the project of the brothers Stefano and Piero.

Starting from the historical family wine production, getting to a new idea of enhancement of the territory.

An idea open to international production, local hospitality and 360 degrees catering.

A successful bet, from one generation to the next, thanks to confrontation, harmony, expertise, love for our land. 


With passion and determination

This is how we have always managed our business.

For us, it's more of a lifestyle than a job.
Making our traditions a culture of excellence and hospitality.