Coming from the Senio Valley floor, the first thing you notice is the Tower, overlooking the hills of Brisighella.

All around the sight of our vineyards and ancient olive trees, a green carpet encircling the sculptural setting of the Badlands, typical of this area of Romagna. And we are in the middle of it all, the Azienda Agrituristica Torre del Marino.

The encounter between the ancient, rural world and modern thought, respecting its land, highlighting the original spirit of these places full of soul.

The Property

The beauty of nature enters in the agriturismo.

We were inspired by our hills and we went along with its colors, materials, spaces and scents.

Our bedrooms, our cuisine follow its perfect harmony.

The Cuisine

Our typicalities are an asset.

From cured meats to handmade pasta to the many fruits of our fields.
With the addition of our modern spirit, revisiting, researching, experimenting.


Sleeping here is a regenerating experience

We gave each room a name recalling the surrounding natural setting.
Hawthorn, Broom, Elderberry, Rosehip.

Booking and Reservations

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